Thursday Intervals Session

This is my horror session each week at the moment. Give it a try and see what I mean:

An “interesting” turbo session; 5 on 5 off x 5!

It consists of ‘blocks’ of 5 x 5 second intervals with just 5 seconds off between. Sounds complicated? It isn’t!

Warm up then engage bottom gear and big ring (maybe 52×21 or similar) and if you are using a variable resistance turbo, then use a resistance that relates approximately to the road.

Stop pedaling completely and then hit the interval flat out for just 5 seconds, ease back to almost stopped for 5 seconds and repeat 5 times.

This is one block of intervals and will take 45 seconds in total.

Have 2 minutes easy to allow for complete recovery and repeat in each gear right down the bock finishing on the 13 or 12 sprocket.

This could be between 9-10 blocks of intervals depending on how many sprockets you have.

Don’t be misled into thinking this session will be easy just because the intervals are only 5 seconds long. Done correctly it will be the hardest thing you have done all winter, almost a baptism of fire I’m afraid!

As the weeks progress begin to come back down your gears by one sprocket each week until you are using all the gears from say 21 down to 13 and eventually back to the 21 over a few weeks; a training pyramid.

You must take the full 2 minutes rest between sets otherwise you will be unable to complete the session.

This is a very demanding session so do not underestimate the effect it will have on you. If you find you are unable to complete it initially, then do just what you are able to do, probably 3 or 4 sets of intervals initially, and add 1 set each week.

There are no heart rate restrictions but it is unlikely you will exceed mid Level 3 because of the length of each set which is only 45 seconds.

Take a carbohydrate drink while cooling down after this session.

Because of the new high level of intensity you may have sore legs for the next two days or so but that will go as your body becomes accustomed to the session.